nevertheless greater Anomalies: some other pinnacle Baker’s Dozen

you may now not be glad with the arena as it’s miles, however as a minimum it’s orderly and makes logical sense. walk, do not stroll, inexperienced yellow red; money trickles in, cash flows out; pals and politicians come and cross, enemies and stuff acquire; the sun rises and sets, the moon waxes and wanes; humans are born, human beings die; the times, weeks, months, seasons. and years come and go with regularity. but dig a chunk deeper under the surface and the arena and the cosmos it inhabits, is one anomalous area.THE big BANG occasion: this is absolute confidence a concept that almost each person has heard approximately, and swallowed hook, line and cosmological sinker because scientists gift this introduction of the Universe situation as reality. it’s now not truth; just the most possible idea of many theories and it has severe flaws. The general theoretical account of the introduction or occasion that kick-started out our Universe off not only has that event a some thing that created all of be counted and power, however all of time and space as nicely, and this advent event, to boot, all befell in a volume much less than that of a pinhead (some thing in the realm of the quantum) and for no obvious motive at all. First there has been nothing; then there was some thing. Wow!At quality observations that help this are indirect being made a few 13.7 billion years after-the-fact. those indirect observations that provide evidence for the large Bang occasion are the truth that the Universe is expanding; the Universe has a temperature – the remnants from the new big Bang referred to as the cosmic microwave history radiation (CMBR) and the quantities and ratio of hydrogen to helium. In reality there aren’t any direct observations as nobody was present at floor zero all the ones billions of years ago.There are honestly a couple of anomalies gift inside the wellknown big Bang account. 1) you’ve got a violation of causality – some thing (area, time, be counted and power) constructed from nothing which is a violation of numerous conservation legal guidelines or relationships. 2) you have got a contravention of pure commonplace feel that tells you that you can’t stuff the contents of the complete Universe into the realm of the quantum, something actually way much less in extent in fact than a pinhead. If that is now not anomalous, I don’t know what’s!speed OF light: the paradox here is that in another scenario, velocities may be delivered and subtracted, besides the velocity it is called the speed of light. inside Relativity idea, if there is some thing unintuitive it’s miles the truth that in the whole Universe, it is the speed of light on my own that is absolute or fixed, now not something like area or time. it’s unintuitive in that every one different bits and portions which are in movement may be brought or subtracted. So, if you are in a teach that is transferring at say a hundred km/hour and also you throw a ball at 10 km/hour inside the path at which the train is shifting, to an observer out of doors the teach, your ball is visiting at one hundred ten km/hour. if you throw the ball towards the rear of the train, an outside observer will degree the ball as moving at 90 km/hour. If however, you shine a flashlight inside the train, an outdoor observer will see the velocity of the resulting light beam shifting at the velocity of mild – now not the speed of mild PLUS the velocity of the train, or the speed of light MINUS the velocity of the educate, but at the rate of mild! it really is nuts, however it’s scientifically nuts and been tested again and again in any experiment you care to plot.QUANTUM GRAVITY AND THE idea OF the whole thing: we’ve the theory of popular Relativity (gravity) and Quantum Physics. both are bedrocks of present day physics. both are accurate to a high diploma of experimental precision. each aren’t well matched – with every other. seemingly, one (or each) of these theories should be incorrect, or at nice incomplete. this is why the unification of the 2 (a idea of quantum gravity) is physics’ Holy Grail. but, that Holy Grail is proving as hard to find because the Biblical Grail itself! but for the moment, it is just like the universe has two independent sets of laws – one governing the very huge (gravity); one the very small (the quantum). This makes no herbal or scientific experience.we’ve observations of 4 bodily forces yet no theory which unites the 3 quantum forces (electromagnetism, the robust nuclear force and the susceptible nuclear pressure) with the one classical force – gravity. concept needs to be glad. all of the 4 essential forces ought to be interconnected; a few kind of unification precept must be in operation that relates all four, one to the other. however, these 4 essential forces that govern the Universe show no signs of any obvious unification – nicely certainly the 3 quantum ones do (called the gut – Grand Unified principle), however it is wherein the unification ends. Gravity remains the wallflower. If the large Bang principle is to be tested accurate as stated, scientists should of necessity provide you with a possible idea of quantum gravity that is an appropriate unification of the trio of quantum forces with gravity. there’s, to this point, no possible principle of quantum gravity no matter thousands of physicists trying to find one over many generations now. mom Nature is an anomalous whinge!QUASARS: Quasars are ‘quasi-stellar objects’. they are ‘stellar’ due to the fact they aren’t all that big (like a galaxy). they’re ‘quasi’ because they give off electricity way, manner, way greater times more than any superstar recognised in any astronomical catalogue. They seem to be primordial objects – they formed long ago and at the moment are far away. Quasars, like stars or galaxies, are their very own entities and if two or extra display a totally close and special causality relationships then they should display equal recessional velocities (because the Universe is expanding and they are part of the Universe and that enlargement). Recessional velocities are measured by an item’s purple-shift. theory identifies purple-shift with velocity. but, you reputedly have a few observations of causality connected quasar pairs with vastly differing purple-shifts (measurements of their recessional velocities). the ambiguity, in an analogy, is that you can not have a runner strolling at 15 miles in line with hour preserving arms with another runner walking at 3 miles in keeping with hour!MASS: There are three fundamental houses of particles (just like the electron, neutrinos, the severa quarks, and so forth.) and their anti-debris (just like the positron). they’re price, spin and mass. because the music goes, out of 3 ain’t horrific, however that still leaves one out of three out of joint. In this case, it’s mass. nobody can predict from first standards what the masses of the essential debris need to be. that is pretty annoying for some thing as fundamental as mass. in spite of the particularly big wide variety of particles (together with their equal and opposite anti-debris), there are just a few allowed values for charge and spin, values quite much restricted to the physics infield. but, for a few purpose, the mass (usually expressed in equivalent energy gadgets – Einstein’s well-known equation) of the various debris aren’t handiest scattered for the duration of the physics ballpark but are all over the town map and past. They tackle values (albeit one value in keeping with type of particle) over many orders of significance without any apparent sample or regularity or relationship among them – and nobody has the foggiest idea why, not a validly theoretical concept, or even a ‘far out’ idea. Why must mass fluctuate so significantly from the alternative fundamental properties element and parcel of those essential particles? it is like someone just drew some dozens of numbers out of a hat containing multi loads of heaps of values and assigned them to the few dozens of particles willy-nilly. something is screwy somewhere because something so fundamental shouldn’t be so anomalous.bodily CONSTANTS: There are constant reviews of physical constants that aren’t – constant this is. physical constants are just that – a constant. they’ve simply one value, everywhere, each-when, and no exceptions. but seemingly a few ‘constants’ have multiple fee relying of in which and/or while. theory and observations (if correct) are all over again not in concord and that’s totally nuts!TIME tour: Time journey to the beyond is a staple of technological know-how fiction, but quite has real viability in contemporary standard relativity physics. In popular relativity physics, time tour to the past is theoretically feasible – although damned tough in exercise. however, which means that the ones time tour paradoxes are viable, even probably.the anomaly are those lovable paradoxes like going again in time, say ten years, and killing yourself (that is a unique way of committing suicide), which means that you could not have existed to go lower back in time in the first region in an effort to kill your self, this means that you’re no longer lifeless so that you can pass lower back in time and homicide yourself, and so forth. What type of physics is that?the second anomaly but is that no time tourists were discovered from our future. you will suppose diverse full-size ancient events might be swarming with historians and travelers from the destiny wherein time journey is viable. no one from our present or beyond has time traveled back in time and left a evidence-wonderful calling card that we’ve got ever found inside the fossil file or recorded in the history books.If some thing is viable, particularly some thing as interesting as time journey, we’d assume to peer both human beings from our destiny inside the here and now, or proof that we’ve traveled to the beyond, like locating a human skeleton buried internal a T-Rex skeleton, as in inside the region where the T-Rex’s stomach cavity could be! We do animals MUTILATIONS: there may be no disputing the bona-fides of this gruesome truth. it’s been determined – after-the-fact – photographed, documented, and investigated by means of all way of officialdom, as well as unofficial private investigators. And although oft known as ‘farm animals’ mutilations, all manner of wildlife and different domestic livestock had been focused too, the primary pronounced case being a horse. just like the crop circle phenomena, there are 3 possible reasons: herbal, human or alien.If natural, why has this phenomenon handiest turn out to be an issue for the reason that 1960′s? Predator-prey relationships, scavengers, and so forth. have existed and been located ever due to the fact people have inhabited the continents. There have to be no anomaly right here if animal mutilations are simply the normal continuation of mom Nature in enamel and claw. but there may be an anomaly. If predators or scavengers, why are there no footprints, and in particular if predators, why no symptoms of a battle? How can predators account for precision elimination of just sure frame elements with razor sharp incisions? because there may be no blood associated with the mutilated carcasses, did predators drink up their whole sufferer’s blood like an animal model of Dracula?If people or cultists are accountable, why hasn’t anyone claimed obligation? Why hasn’t each person been stuck, attempted, convicted, fined and/or imprisoned for trespass, animal cruelty, destruction of private assets, and so forth.? Why no signs of human pastime like tire tracks and footprints and litter (say a cigarette butt or beer can or ). once more, why no symptoms of a conflict?a few have suggested that is the work of presidency, or government departments, taking samples to display for various bovine nasties, like sicknesses, or other styles of contamination that would endanger human fitness if those livestock were fed on. simply! There are massively less complicated ways of legally collecting up tissue samples than sneaking round inside the dead of night time and killing/mutilating animals for some body parts.So of course it needs to be extraterrestrials! How can extraterrestrial beings mutilate livestock (and different cattle and natural world), decade after decade, with out ever being visible? Why might extraterrestrial beings be interested in flora and fauna and livestock inside the first damned vicinity, or as a minimum a number of their extraordinarily decided on body elements?HUMAN subculture & CIVILIZATION: There are two tremendously unexplained turning points in the evolution of current guy while contrasted with our more primate-like ancestors. One is the purchase of what we name subculture. lifestyle (like artwork appreciation and abstract thoughts like an afterlife) passed off inside a fairly slender timeframe, kind of 50,000 years ago, anywhere nomadic bands of hunter-gatherers accrued. Why the sudden transition? the second fantastic soar forward, once more, within a slender timeframe, some 9000 years ago, was the transition from nomadic life to settlements – farming crops and herding now domesticated natural world. Settlements hastily have become villages have become cities became cities. even as some nomadic hunter-gatherers nevertheless roamed the plains, like the Australian aboriginal, what changed into as soon as that nomadic rule now have become that exception to that rule. In both cases, subculture and civilization, the observational proof is rock-strong; theory can not clearly give an explanation for the transition, or at the least the particularly speedy transition, round the world, from the tried-and-true before-the-truth pre-cultural nomadic way of life to the unknown bounce of an untested test with culture and settlements.historic EGYPT: lights THE PYRAMIDS, etc. all of us are conscious that a few of the ancient Egyptian systems, like pyramids and the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, comprise widespread numbers of deep and twisting passageways inside. many of those interiors were elaborately decorated with all manner of paintings and carvings of hieroglyphs, and many others. whether or no longer the interiors have been decorated, there need to were a demand for lights. There had been no glass windows. There had been no battery-operated torches or flashlights. there was no electric lights again then, though of direction this is how those systems are illuminated these days for vacationers and/or archaeologists. Neither supply of available luminescent generation returned then absolutely holds a candle as it had been to how they could were really hired. the apparent assets have been burning torches, oil lamps, candles, etc. Now you do not really want to undertake production, special painting or carving stone by candlelight. In any event there are no lines of soot residue at the partitions and ceilings. The alternative approach was to put bronze or copper mirrors that replicate daylight onto any other reflect which in turn meditated that mild onto every other reflect similarly within the shape which in turn pondered the light it acquired onto the next reflect down the line, etc. The physics trouble is that the original daylight receives so diluted so fast after simply more than one mirrors in, that it turns into an impractical ways and method. when you have to penetrate very a ways within the structure, and some passageways are indeed, very, very a ways interior, lighting with mirrors fail. the ambiguity is you want ok lighting fixtures but there’s no really good enough source.EXODUS, book OF: There are multi-dozens of anomalies, matters that just can’t be, said inside the Bible. Of all of these, the most anomalous is the e book of Exodus, due to the fact a number of the occasions recorded there may be checked against any other impartial historical source. If the history in the book of Exodus is located looking, and it’s far, then if one holy ebook is going down the gurgler, then all of the relaxation of the books are suspect too.the anomaly here is that the e-book of Exodus functions the land and peoples of historical Egypt fairly prominently. a couple of key Biblical characters play main roles there – Moses and Joseph – no longer to say heaps of alleged Hebrew slaves. Nasty things happen to that land and those peoples like the ten plagues and the drowning of pharaoh’s military. the ambiguity here is that you’d expect ancient Egyptian records to affirm and collaborate and substantiate the e book of Exodus, however you don’t find whatever of the sort. it’s as if the Biblical version passed off in a parallel universe – or inside the imagination of the all too human creator.BIBLICAL MIRACLES: Then there’s this Biblical bit about Joshua commanding the solar to stand still (at least it truly is the way I recollect it). it really is a tall story or fantasy but whatever, it cannot be a physical fact. however wait, there may be more! there’s Jonah and the whale; Eve’s introduction from a rib; taking walks on the waters; the partitions of Jericho tumbling down at the sound of no question out of track trumpets or rams horns. inside the Bible we’ve this story of the multiplying of loaves and fishes out of simply not anything.Miracles are part and parcel of any and all supernaturally primarily based religions. Miracles of the supernatural type (and that’s the most effective sort of miracle that counts right here) violate one or extra legal guidelines, standards or relationships set up by using technological know-how. There can be no such aspect as a supernatural miracle in theory. however, there were numerous reports of supernatural miracles.reported events can not violate the natural state of factors. if they do violate that herbal state of factors, then they need to be supernatural. there is no regarded theory that could accommodate supernatural events. it really is a part of the conflict between technological know-how and faith. The struggle is an anomaly.THE AFTERLIFE: A idea that closest to the hearts and minds of almost all people and human cultures beyond and present is what happens to us once we kick the bucket. the solution is we go beyond into every other existence – an afterlife. each tradition, past and present, has an afterlife concept, a existence after death concept, or a few sort of an eternity or immortality worldview. not all of the versions of the theoretical afterlife may be correct but. Idealistic theoretical expectations that whilst you die you won’t live lifeless, as opposed to realistic reality that observations display that useless things live useless, are certainly conflicting, consequently anomalous. however, nobody has ever come lower back from the dead to prove the fact of an afterlife to the pride of any impartial referee.From the examples above, I finish that it almost appears as if a person (some thing) is in the end chargeable for our Universe, however he / she/ it / they failed to quite think things thru sufficiently. Methinks an all knowing, all powerful supernatural God type being wouldn’t have filled things up. So both the Universe is naturally crammed up, or it become created crammed up!

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